What is the Daily B3? Why should you join? Let's get into it! 

Ask and you shall receive! You will have a window into everything that I do to keep my body in check! This is my actual routine - my workouts and my diet. 

The workouts that I will be sharing will primarily be shown in a gym with the equipment they have available. If you do not have access to a gym, please consider my at-home workout program. 


Workouts will be updated daily complete with sets, reps, tips, and tricks. 

You can follow along with The Daily B3 through Instagram (if you don't have an Instagram - now's your chance!).  All of my workouts and recipes will be stored on the Instagram page for your convenience. If you miss a day - NO WORRIES.. scroll through and find a workout that matches up with your plan. Use my workouts as a guide and FEEL FREE to substitute with something that feels more comfortable and effective for your body and goals. These workouts aren't for any one group of people - boys, girls, beginners or advanced lifters... everyone is welcome!

     Along with the exclusive content on The Daily B3 Instagram... you will also be joining a health and wellness community! How fun! I wanted to build a group that everyone feels welcomed into.


     To join me - please fill out the application below!